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“Evil people are among church members and I denied to be used by the devil, I could not accept such dirty money to betray man of God. 26/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: 24hrs 26/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: See you there 27/07/2016, – Nyarie: Good morning Prophet As I got to Mutemwa, I turned my key off and when I tried to switch on the ignition it wouldn’t start.“Even you journalists you have to be careful with these people, they are doctoring photographs of church leaders and posts them on social media to tarnish their image. Esther Chitepo (Zimbabwe) 16/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Nyarai 16/07/2016, – Nyarie: Papa I need the invites. A Chinyere Ojinaka (USA) Onkeme Mmolainyana(USA) Alejandrina Griffith from( USA) Bonolo Rudolf( botswana) Onkeme Mmolainyana(Botswana 26/07/2016, – Nyarie: Good morning dad. But that didn’t stop me from going into the mountain.“The nation must not fold hands when local prophets are being attacked because in the book of Revelations it is written that church is holding more devastating things that fall on nations and when the church is taken up, that is rapture, it will be hard to be saved because grace will be no more,” said Prophet Edd.Nyarai confirmed the incident saying she felt naked, dead and recalled how Judas Iscariot was used in the plot against Jesus Christ.“Even now I can not believe what these guys were saying and what I only told them was to seek permission to have more time to think about what they have said.“The two men refused to give me their details only to introduce themselves as Geshem and Patson,” said Nyarai.JESUS Generation International Ministries leader, Prophet Edd Branson, has claimed he is a victim of doctored Whats App Chats after claims that he had an affair with his Personal Assistant went viral on social media.

“I am the one in the pictures, yes but how did those pictures get to you guys?

” “I didn’t share them with anyone; they are mine and they are not meant for everyone I didn’t post those pictures anywhere,” she said before blocking this reporter on her mobile phone.

After Thabiso Phiri (2014) and Emily Kachote (2015) were deposed after they were alleged to have nudes out following coronation. Sure we know a lot of people believe in the whole Bible thing in Zimbabwe, but this kinda steps on the whole right to religious beliefs.

The chats, which run from June 2016 to October 2016, have a lot of detail about his travels around the world and the one-on-one sessions he had with clients from all over the world and later suggest that he was cheating with Nyarai on his Finnish wife whom he wedded in December.

Prophet Edd says some of the information in the chats is wrong as the people that were plotting against him were not in a position to see his movements in foreign lands.Also circulating on social media is a video of an apology from one Fidelis Fengu to Prophet Bushiri, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel questioning their credibility. May I please have your bank account details 08/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: IMG-20160608-WA0011(file attached) 08/06/2016, – Nyarie: Papa we have to go bank to the bank and get your account number 11/06/2016, – Nyarie: Christian Ezeanya (Germany), Prakash Singh (Canada), Albert Kabeya(UK), Sarudzai Dorcas Kudzi (UK), Jacqueline Kabeya (UK), Pablo Jones (UK), Yoofi Minta (USA), Mabel Alloted (USA), Justice Zaru (DUBAI), Alice Maramba (UK), Pascal Masotcha (ZW), Michelle Kafui Agbana (USA) Felix Larbi (USA), Jean Mary Chimuka (ZW), Erica Chibvongodze (UK) 13/06/2016, – Nyarie: Good morning Papa. 13/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: How does one sound like 13/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: I slept early this morning 13/06/2016, – Nyarie: It is super thank you Papa 15/06/2016, – Nyarie: Morning Papa 15/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Morning Nyarai 15/06/2016, – Nyarie: May I please have the picture of your passport information page 15/06/2016, – Nyarie: We have to submit today so we need to do your yellow fever card as well 15/06/2016, – Nyarie: Papa 15/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Ok 15/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Sending now 15/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: IMG-20160615-WA0004(file attached) 15/06/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: I already have my yellow fever card 15/06/2016, – Nyarie: Is it still valid? Can I come tomorrow morning with your protocol 17/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Ok 17/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: See you then 17/07/2016, – Nyarie: Papa I think you can bring them my car wasn’t starting 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Hey Nyari 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Please add these 2 to the guest list for Friday 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Thelma Chagaresango Fortunate Shonhiwa 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Also there is a prophet Lesole who came from Botswana months ago,find him and tell him I want to see him as soon as possible without fail or delay 20/07/2016, – Nyarie: Papa please forward the numbers of those 2 people 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Okay 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: 0771452252Thelma 20/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Let me look for the other one 21/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: https://youtu.be/EKq-45dobjo 21/07/2016, – Nyarie: That is too much Papa.. being the PA I take it by force 22/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: Nyari 22/07/2016, – Nyarie: Papa 22/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: I will need you to call me 22/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: There are people from Church I have told to come so please have them coming 22/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: I told them to call you 22/07/2016, – Prophet Edd Branson: They serve diligently 22/07/2016, – Nyarie: Ok Papa. so I thought it was my imagination until I looked up and I saw a black thing running across but on top of the mountain.