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06-Dec-2017 05:03

YOU AND THESE TRUMP LOCK HER UP PEOPLE ARE THE FIRST ONES TRUMP AND HIS BILLIONAIRE BUDDIES ARE GONNA SCREW OVER. - A NORMAL TAXPAYING LAW ABIDING AMERICAN December 30, 2016 Thank you for your opinion, Sir. You want everyone to shoot the same guns as you, dress like you, shave like you, and talk like you. I did not know how long it would take to realize my dream.

First problem was a sticky trigger it is appears the gun has never been cleaned or lubricated, after I did clean and lightly lube it with 3n1 oil it runs great.Soldiers and Marines first complained that "the round was not much more than a .22 bullet" and indeed it was small and the first guys to use them had problems because of no forward cleaning kits issued and lack of a chrome chamber.Droid April 4, 2017 Jeff I look at the Gunblast website at least once a day and use the archives for information about guns, ammo... I hope all of you involved in the making of Gunblast never tire of running his excellent treatment of The Battle Cry of Freedom to open and close your presentations and accompany the closeup firearm tours. Last August, I dropped a very heavy floor jack on my right foot. Luckily I had some left over (yet expired) pain meds in my briefcase I carry everywhere, and was able to take one and then off to the doctor.

I am also an Army volunteer who at age 19 while at my first duty station at Fort Bragg, asked my boss - Command Sergeant Major Roy Marvin Batton if I could get orders to Vietnam.

YOU AND NUGENT AND THOSE CLOWNS THE ROBERTSONS FROM LOUISIANA HAVE AN APPEARANCE OF FREAKS. Gun rights are not the only concern or right threatened. Hillary was the 2nd worst person to run for president. I will just have to try and get on with my life somehow, without your approval. Thanks again for this heads up article - as well as the many other interesting articles you have written! December 16, 2016 Jeff, In 1970 I purchased a Marlin 336C with a 4x Weaver Scope. After 4,000 rounds through my .30-30, I expected to see some equipment failures. I was told many years ago by my grandfather that with a .30-30 and a .45-70 you could hunt just about anything.

So the babes can be both gorgeous and ugly, nobody from the staff of the live cam site checks that.… continue reading »

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