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The Mongols had a strong history of supporting merchants and trade.

Genghis Khan had encouraged foreign merchants early in his career, even before uniting the Mongols.

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In 1253, Möngke established a Department of Monetary affairs to control the issuance of paper money in order to eliminate the overissue of the currency by Mongol and non-Mongol nobles since the reign of Great Khan Ögedei.

His authority established united measure based on sukhe or silver ingot, however, the Mongols allowed their foreign subjects to mint coins in the denominations and use weight they traditionally used.±±§ The Yuan dynasty under Kublai Khan issued paper money backed by silver, and again banknotes supplemented by cash and copper cash.

During the winter, the Mongols also practiced ice fishing.

The Mongols rarely slaughtered animals during the summer but if an animal died of natural causes they made sure to carefully preserve it.

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Chagatai Khan Kebek renewed the coinage backed by silver reserves and created a unified monetary system through the realm.

Guests were served their meat on skewers and the host determined the order of serving.

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