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New Zealand has had its own coat of arms since 1911.Prior to that the United Kingdom coat of arms (featuring a lion and a unicorn on either side of a shield and crown) was used.The second section of the begins with an overview of New Zealand's work force and moves to a discussion of the nation in broad economic terms.Then follow descriptions of each of the constituent sectors, ending with a chapter on public sector finances.Individual figures will therefore not necessarily add up to the stated totals.A glossary of statistical terms used is given at the back of the book.Statistics New Zealand operates an information service.In answer to a letter, email, visit, or telephone call, information analysts can provide statistical information, or tell you more about the department's other services, including access to statistics on the INFOS computer database and the SNZ website: Symonds Street, AUCKLAND: on a white field, a red St George's Cross; in the upper canton, next to the staff on a blue field, a smaller St George's Cross in red, severed from the blue by a fimbriation of black, half the width of the red and in the centre of each blue quarter a white eight-point star.

In approaching the book this way it is worth bearing in mind that the 28 chapters follow a ‘logical’ progression.

The first few chapters describe the physical setting as well as New Zealand's history, system of government and international relations.

A description of its people comes next, followed by social framework and institutions.

Options for the in-between years are still being explored but the Statistics New Zealand website now contains a wealth of material to complement the traditional range of published material.

The website content includes a condensed version of the whom I would particularly like to thank.

ISSN 0078 0170ISBN 1-86953-465-4This book is copyright.