Win xp keeps rebooting after updating bruce cameron 8 simple rules for dating my daughter

17-Mar-2017 11:45

Make sure all the cables and expansion cards are connected properly inside the computer.

The best way to determine this is to disconnect and reconnect all cables and expansion cards.

If you have updated drivers and removed any hardware that could be causing this issue and the random reboots continue to occur, it's possible that the memory is bad in the computer.

Finally, hardware devices that are not installed properly in the computer can also cause random reboots.

Windows Update does not know if or when those files will be available to use, so your system requires a reboot to avoid any conflicts.

For security-related updates, your computer is unsafe before that reboot occurs: it is vulnerable to attacks which exploit the issue(s) fixed by the update requiring a reboot.

Although this may be nice for errors that do not occur often, users who have a re-occurring error may want to identify the error to troubleshoot it.

When it launched, Windows 10 quickly developed a reputation for rebooting entirely on its own timeline, as opposed to yours.I installed this fix on my own system to measure whether or not it worked.To test it, I deliberately changed my “Active Hours” to be between 8 AM and 2 PM, as shown in the screenshot below:90 minutes later, with no other actions taken to prevent the OS from rebooting, the system has remained solid.The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced the concept of “Active Hours,” which could be used to limit updates to off-hours when the machine was not in use, but you can’t always depend on such timers to prevent unwanted behavior — get stuck working late at night, and you could still be impacted by a surprise reboot at an inconvenient moment. First, open the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel.

The simplest way to do this is to press the Start button and type “Administrative Tools.” Choose the “Task Scheduler” option from the Administrative Tools window.

I looked into both approaches (registry and group policy) and decided to go with group policy, since the registry settings require manually killing the Windows Update process .

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