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But what about when he doesn't have either of those things?

It only takes a run-in with afterlife goddess Hela for his hammer to be destroyed, apparently beyond repair.

Continue reading: The Transporter Refuelled Review Frank Martin is well known in the criminal underworld as an expert driver and deliveryman.

He has been working with some of the world's most serious crooks, delivering goods and occasionally getting involved in hostage situations for a very high but very fair price.

And when he is kidnapped by her people and taken to the planet Sakaar, he has no choice but to enter into a gladiator match to save the people of Asgard from Ragnarök; the fate of total destruction.

To his initial delight, and to the confusion of everyone in the arena, his opponent turns out to be none other than the Incredible Hulk.

He was born in Lisburn, North Ireland, on May 25, 1964, to an Irish mother and a...

A solid choice for The Punisher but an even better Volstagg.

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Read more » As the fierce and powerful but impulsive Roman soldier Titus Pullo of the acclaimed HBO series "Rome," (2005 - ), the ruggedly built actor Ray Stevenson embodied the very essence of the rough and decadent life and times.But even though the new film is a lot less camp, it's still deliriously preposterous, pinging between dimwitted dialogue and jaw-droppingly silly action.