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10-Jun-2017 17:32

Its star, director, and screenwriter, Nate Parker, is an African-American who grew up in Virginia, as did Turner and Styron.

(At 36, Parker is one year older than Styron was when he began work on his novel in 1960.) And in some respects the movie fulfills Styron’s original ambitions. “[His] reimagining [of Turner] played directly into white America’s fear and anxieties surrounding the intention and potential of the contemporary Black male.”But this harsh judgment rests on an ineradicable truth.

2009 - Present Miranda Cosgrove and Nat Wolff were spotted together on dates during the fall of 2009.Well, it’s safe to say that, right now, students in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the...

" ".........." "Liz, what are you--" I don't even get to finish my sentence before she runs up and..me? " "You saw it for yourself." "I've heard so many stories, so much bloodshed...made you this? I've lost so much to the same kind of shit I tried to protect you from a few days ago....you're alright, by the way." "You're lucky you're in good health, too! If you don't ever wanna see me again, I understand. I'd really appreciate it if think about it, though." "....do you need me to do, Chéri? Call a Marine Instead of 911They’re built to improvise, adapt and overcome When you’re in knee deep and you’re up shit’s creek And you’ve tried everything Tell you what you do Call a Marine! _____________________ You guys like that little song? After dealing with my wouldn't-even-be assassin, I disarmed the north tower's bomb and headed back to Linda through the maintenance tunnel. Also...god yes, look at it...." " What, the other big gun you got firing the same bullets at an automatic rate of fire just didn't get your panties wet enough? But holy shit when this is done it'll be kickass! Although I didn’t agree with his thoughts and hateful speech, I had taken an oath to uphold his rights and liberties against foreign and domestic. Lawyers haven't been this popular since Robespierre slaughtered half of France! … continue reading »

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