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As a child, I'd help my mum cook, and it was ridiculous - she had the correct gadget or utensil for everything. Don't use that, I have exactly the right utensil.' After I left home, I survived on cup-a-meals and never saw myself as being like her. Just look at few messages people put on Twitter about this ish. I switch up the verses all the time, whatever is rocking me in that moment.Music superstar and chef, Kelis Rogers, is about to drop her new album "Food" and it's time to celebrate by hosting a dinner party for her inner circle. TK: It’s always a collaboration between him and the artist. I'm down to support them in any way because I knew them before they won The Sing-Off or anything. TK: It used to be falling off the stage but now I think it would be kind of funny.

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Those shows really taught me that it comes off way better when you just walk in as yourself. Kelly has a history of preying on underage girls, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the 49-year-old is now reportedly dating a teenager.