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Most of these songs have gone on to become standards, so it is a treat getting to hear Fisher sing them.

But the spoken "continuity" wears out its welcome before you've heard it through once.

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Their simple melodies and words provide him with a good basis for his vocal flights, though he calms down a little to sing the more playful "Cheek to Cheek." Broadway Classics, a four-song EP from 1954 billed as the compilation's "bonus tracks," does not contain four standards from the Great White Way, but rather four songs taken from Broadway musicals of 1953-1954, three of them flops.

He claimed that being married to Liz Taylor had improved his sex life: everyone assumed he must have something special to have ensnared such a legendary beauty.

In time, he married singer Connie Stevens, with whom he had two children.

Unfortunately, there wouldn't have been any way for Collectables to segment the remarks on the CD so that a modern listener could program a player to skip them; they are too closely matched to the songs.

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So, what might have been a memorable collection ends up being tiresome.When Todd was killed in a plane crash in 1958, Reynolds sent her husband to comfort the distraught Taylor. Fisher threw himself into furthering Taylor’s career - putting his own on hold.

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