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He watches Dean kiss Rory and is obviously jealous but swats it off to go make out with his date. At the end of the episode, Dean tells Rory that Tristan has a thing for her.

Rory Despite treating Rory rudely and calling her names, Tristan had a gigantic crush on her.

Rory stumbles into the room and they end up comforting each other over breakups.

Rory and Tristan share a moment and end up kissing.

Rory suggested that he date someone with "a little more substance", after his breakup with Summer. Paris mentioned to Rory that he kissed her goodnight, making her think that he wanted to date more.

The two had a good time, but unlike Paris, Tristan only thought of her as a friend.The two were once seen making out so intensely that neither of them noticed Rory or Paris' pleas for them to move from their lockers.