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17-Mar-2017 23:06

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“It’s an Edwardian sitcom called Felix and Murdo, about two gentlemen of independent means who have a high old time,” he explains.In the meantime, there has been a cinema release for Huge, a comedy drama that Miller directed.The tome, released next year, will cover everything from “quantum physics to global warming”. Earlier this year, Miller divorced Belinda Stewart-Wilson, 40, an actress best known for playing “Will’s fit mum” in the hit comedy The Inbetweeners. But we’re lucky that it has turned out the best it possibly could. “Taking care of those difficult morning hours,” he smiles.They separated two years ago, but he admits the split has taken its toll – particularly given that they have a young child, five-year-old Sonny. We’re still very good friends.” He is now in a new relationship with a film producer called Jessica. Death in Paradise will be broadcast on Tuesday 25 October on BBC One at 9.00pm The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.There was a brief flap where he forgot his lines, said his hands were “going numb” and ran off to an air-conditioned car to cool down.Back in London he reflects on how the scientific part of his brain was analysing his on-set heat-wobble with a detached fascination. He started a Ph D in “quasi zero-dimensional mesoscopic electrical systems” at Cambridge, but dropped out to pursue comedy with fellow graduate Alexander Armstrong.“They tried to talk me out of it for a number of years.

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As reported by the had squashed the rumors of Ben Affleck’s supposed on-set relationship with Sienna Miller.

They seem to get along great, but Ben has acted very professional." Another insider on set added, "The paparazzi are there every day they are filming. He is a great director who likes to hang out on set with those he is directing.”Aside from catching Ben shooting with Sienna, photogs also captured a glimpse of Ben's new full-back tattoo of a phoenix.

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