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Satch is an assistant librarian at the school library working on a virtual reality machine.

Satch is intellectual, empathetic, mature and well-read.

Quicksave and Autosave saves can now be loaded from the Load Save Game screen Increased the number of slots available for saving the game to 20. Penalty for not doing so dropped to 5 points and it decreases further as relationship improves, reaching zero if relationship is high enough. By increasing your mom or sister points, you will make them more attracted to you.

Maximum penalty when you are caught masturbating is now limited to 250. You no longer need to talk/admire/cuddle/have sex every day, but penalties for not doing so increase as relationship improves. By decreasing your mom or sister points (going into the negatives), you will watch them become huge sluts for others.

Despite his friendliness, he's giving Hana strange looks, and then starts skipping class... Naturally, he is the most attractive person in school and knows it, often coming off as vain, fickle, and shallow.

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Everything you see in the game is able to be completed -- content that hasn't been finished isn't included. We have tried to make a funny and witty video game , with a solid argument, different walkthroughs, with animations made frame by frame, so we are trying to make a quality game. 3 Dates are available now Chapter 5th of Alison's diary has its H-scene (cosplay poll) Added WPG assistant (look over you bed).There is a tip system in place in case you'd like to support us in making future games. Players with previous versions of the game can learn how to keep their save files here. This includes a new, additional completion bonus and a 33rd unlockable CG.Players with previous versions of the game can learn how to keep their save files here. He always thinks of others' feelings before his own, but keeps his problems to himself - which might backfire when Normal Boots is targeted... Quiet, straightforward, and blunt, he's a natural with trivia competitions, but instead chooses to challenge himself with Nario Cart.

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Despite how much the club needs Hana's skills, he is steadfastly against her joining.

I didn't do it for this one because I wanted to give you guys more content ASAP!