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But you never even had a six-digit security i Phone passcode and now you just cannot get passed this screen. It takes a little bit of muscle memory in getting used to this change.

Please check below if you are not familiar with this feature.

Nothing is more frustrating when your basic communication mediums and channels do not work properly.

Although there are not that many new feature changes to Facetime on i OS 10, sometimes the mere update to the new i OS can cause issues with your Facetime experience.

At a bare minimum, all your existing i Message functions should be working.

If you are having issues with running i Message functionality on your i Phone and i Pad after the i OS 10 update, please check out our comprehensive i Message troubleshooting guide below.

Apple has now made their i OS 10 available for public use.

With the initial launch of any i OS, there are always a few problems that are to be expected.

If the battery problems are really bad, sometimes resetting your device as a new device (Factory Settings) can be helpful in solving the battery drainage issue.

Several users have also remarked that their Whats App does not work, shows blank and the Hey Siri feature doesn’t operate.

If you are facing this issue with i OS 10, backup your Whats App info, delete the app and re-install the app on your i Phone. If you are using an i Phone 6S or higher, chances are that you are having a very smooth experience with i OS 10.

A lot of the features including the new 3D Touch functionality is designed to take advantage of the power of the newer model of i Phones.

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However, if you are running i OS 10 on an older device or are experiencing issues with performance such as sluggishness and Battery drain, you may want to check out our top tips to deal with the problem.

In this article, we will provide you with resources to deal with the top 10 problems with i OS 10.