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It was made for Queen Sophia and the Dutch King Willem III in 1855.It was called the Sophia bible, after King Willem’s wife Sophia of Württemberg.In 1853, King Willem gave permission for the Roman Catholic bishop hood to be restored.Although the Royalty remained favorable to the Protestant Church, this elaborately decorated bible could have been an attempt for the King to neutralize the differences between the two sides, as it’s ornamental design refers far more to Roman Catholicism, than to the more humble, Protestant style.Berlin's local press has been full of talk of unrest in the police force in recent days, with accusations being levelled against recruits from Arabic families.

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Gezond verstand heeft verloren in Amerika, met verkiezing van Donald Trump als president, de wereld zoals we die kennen, gaat eraan, OORLOG zal de komende jaren Europa, en wereld gaan beheersen. Common sense has lost with election of Donald Trump as president, the world as we know it, will fail and fall, Europe and the world will go down in WAR.The Dutch Sophia bible was made in the Style of Art Nouveau.It’s design follows Neo-Classicism and Baroque revival design which was popular in Holland in the 1800′s.German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other party leaders vowed on Friday to push on with thorny coalition talks and refrain from personal insults, despite deep differences on hot-button issues from immigration to climate change.

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Thanks to Brexit, metropolises in Germany now have the greatest potential for development in all of Europe, according to a new study.

The Mother of Pearl bible, published by the Belgian publishers ‘Brepols‘ in 1882 is a small, silver bible made from Mother of Pearl, gold leaf and copper.