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His father was an alcoholic who left the family when Dyer was 3.

In the 1960s, he taught social studies at Detroit's Pershing High School, and then was a counselor for two years in the early '70s at Catholic all-girls Mercy High School in Farmington Hills.

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Not only did he teach students to drive, but he also taught several of the Mercy nuns, said Cheryl Kreger, the school's president.4 those of us who loved him it's sad, but he knew death was a transition.We send love 4his next adventure."Dyer's Facebook page on Sunday still advertised an upcoming two-week seminar, scheduled for October and dubbed "The Holy Land and Beyond: A Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery."A native of Detroit, Dyer had been living in Maui.Life gets interesting when Wayne must rush from the concert to try and stop the wedding. When Wayne is driving away in the sports car after the glass/chicken/melon crash, he drives past a sign that says "Santa Barbara". I'm not saying that a good cast automatically makes a movie great, but in this case, it certainly helps.

Santa Barbara is in southern California, many hundreds of miles from Aurora, Illinois, and would not be signposted that far away, showing that the film is being shot in California rather than Illinois. The gags in WAYNE'S WORLD 2 are definitely more random and bizarre than the ones in the original, making it even more fun than I expected it to be."He always just felt so genuine, and so real, and he went to such lengths to help people understand."Homberg said public television stations around the country eagerly anticipated Dyer-staged shows, not only for the fundraising dollars they generated but because viewers so connected with Dyer's message.