Washburn mandolin dating

18-May-2017 05:21

I haven't heard a MK but like you I've heard alot of good comments and reviews.

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Hi this is my first posting and I am a pure beginner ( button accordion is my instrument really ). I am definitely going to get a solid wood mando.am torn between the JB model and a Michale Kelly ( which I've read rave reviews of ). I do however believe a Washburn or at least the older ones are a decent mandolin.All the information here is provided free of charge for all seeking it.Using the resources here for financial gain without concern for the source and effort expended by all the contributors here is extremely disrespectul to say the least.Thanks to many selfless contributors this section has grown considerably, and for this we are grateful. we are sure there are people coming here that DO have this information. If you are a catalog/guitar collector and have catalogs/slicks covering these guitars we emplore you to contribute as this will only increase the value of your holdings.

We have recieved literally thousands of requests for information on models not currently covered here. It's our hope that people will come forward with specifications, years offered, options, and even images or catalog/slick scans and the like to help build this archive.Some models are represented by crops from these images and therefore not of the best quality.