Video webcam secretfriends

31-Mar-2017 15:31

What they seem to forget, or maybe they don’t want to remember, is that there are many ways to record what’s going on the screen of a computer, so they give a private show to some dude and next thing you know they are internet celebrities whose neighbors know how their boobies and pussies are and how naughty and kinky they are.

But what’s also amazing is that they have no shame to show it all off to someone they don’t know and behave like exhibitionists without the need to have actual eyes staring at them.

We at HWC like action almost as much as we like at-home camgirls, and we're not talking about videogames here.

You can expect a lot of the girls at Secretfriends to get nude at the drop of a hat.

Given that you're reading this review, we expect you'll agree when we say that adult webcam chat is probably the finest invention since -- well, at least since karaoke.

It's done nothing but good for the male gonads, thereby making it one of those things that truly makes the Internet worthwhile.

If you absolutely can't live without at-home webcam girls, you can get your fill at sites like Cam Contacts and i Frends.That's why we're very sad to report that one of our favorite adult webcam chat sites, Secretfriends, apparently doesn't have any at-home girls at all. All 600 models appear to be working out of various studios.If we were writing this on paper, you'd probably see tearstains about now (damn these electronic media! OK, so you might be feeling a tad confused at this point. How can we declare our undying love for at-home cam girls in one breath, and then tell you how much we like a site that completely at-home girls in the next?We'd love to be proved wrong, but we don't think we are.

For that reason, we can't give the site five stars, since HWC is, after all, a site celebrating at-home webcam girls. If Secretfriends had some at-home girls who delivered as solidly as their studio girls, it just might be the perfect camgirl site.

I guess it’s easier to fulfill that need online rather than doing it live, but it’s still a bit weird that there are so, so many videos in this place and all with really different girls from all over the world showing it all off without thinking who’s on the other side, without thinking somebody they know can watch them and all that stuff.