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My legacy, scrawled in ink for my son to read someday since in my mind, I wasn’t going to make it back to the surface.I was hurling to the depths of hell which to me felt like being dragged to the floor of the ocean, my ankles cuffed with a ball and chain pulling me to the bottom. And I was so scared it was my day to die and I’d never see my baby again.Je kunt een selectie maken op basis van provincie en of leeftijd. It was our first appointment together and you basically told me I was going to fail. H***, I was still in denial about the fact that I had been diagnosed with a mental illness.You are the expert when it comes to psychiatry, Dr. You expressed the same sadness that so many in this world share over the injustice mentally ill people experience when they expose their conditions. Well, I still do, but first I’ve started self-publishing online, to gain experience.

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I mean, I hadn’t experienced any significant episodes of depression or mania since 2006 and most importantly, I felt solid and stable. His crib was set up, clothes had been washed and lovingly put away, and diapers and wipes sat waiting on the changing table in his nursery. And when the time came, four weeks after his birth, when the compounded lack of sleep and absence of meds in my bloodstream caught up to me in the form of full-blown postpartum psychosis, my husband had someone to call for help. How terrifying it must have been for him to see me unravel the way I did.In fact, you recommended that I keep my illness hidden, lest I be discriminated upon because of it. I’ve met so many incredible people through blogging and social media.