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Sumarwata stated "Vanessa planned to turn up on her mum's doorstep after the baby was born, so that all the shame, blame and judgement about getting pregnant before marriage would just dissolve when the family saw the baby." Of Francesca's relationship with Vanessa, the actress revealed "The woman is so overbearing and doesn't give Vanessa any credit at all.It's pretty clear that their relationship has been strained for quite a while, which is why Vanessa left the family and there has been very little contact. " Vanessa became "petrified" when Francesca threatened to cut her out of the family if she did not get married.But before Lucas can guess what the news could be, the words from Vanessa hit him like a tonne of bricks." Vanessa tries to find employment as the head chef at Lassiter's Hotel, infuriating Lucas.He then tells her potential employer, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), that she is pregnant costing her the job.Sumarwata described her character as being someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.

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The actress stated that she was excited about the role, while the show's executive producer Richard Jasek commented "She's a wonderful actor and we think her character has so many exciting possibilities for us." Sumarwata made her debut screen appearance as Vanessa during the episode broadcast on 14 March 2012.She agreed to go along with her mother's plans because she does not want to bring up her child without her family around her.