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25-Nov-2016 13:49

Docker Community Edition (Docker CE) is not supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

To install Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE), you need to know the Docker EE repository URL associated with your trial or subscription.

If your server is GUI-based, access System / Administration / Software Update (or run the gpk-update-viewer command) then install the update via the resulting window.

That's tedious, however, so I advise updating Samba via the command line:1.

• Update traffic is part of your unlimited private network bandwidth and does not reduce public bandwidth allotments.

• Updates speeds are faster than updating from vendors directly (upgraded ports speeds available on demand) • Updates are readily available during world wide heavy critical update days.

A vulnerability involving a Linux package called Samba is making the rounds, and in the spirit of the Windows-based exploit known as Wanna Cry, this one is called Samba Cry.

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If you are rolling your own patches and updates you can get the latest secure version of Samba (4.6.5) here.

Red Hat covers the topic via these security advisories (which basically urge updating): All Samba versions from 3.5.0 up to 4.6.5 except for 4.4.14, 4.5.10 and 4.6.4 are vulnerable to Samba Cry, unless SELinux security controls — which are basically like application firewalls — are in use to secure the target system.

Fortunately, the default SELinux policy prevents the loading of outside modules not in Samba's module directories so the exploit cannot be triggered.

You probably have a regular schedule for installations and may be able to schedule this update install from a centralized point of management if it is not present on your systems.

However, if you're working off manual updating, not all systems are checked into a patch management solution or you otherwise need a hands-on update methodology you can follow the processes below once you've ensured the Samba update is present in your yum repository.The Redhat Network at Soft Layer includes RHN Satellite and Proxy servers.