Updating payment for xbox live

16-Sep-2017 13:11

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The online features, while praised as innovative, were largely considered a failure, and the Dreamcast's immediate competitor, the Play Station 2, did not initially ship with built-in networking capabilities.Microsoft, however, hoped that the Xbox would succeed where the Dreamcast had failed.Sound-dampened booths and broadband-connected Xbox consoles—featuring an early version of Unreal Championship—demonstrated the service on the show floor.

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Xbox LIVE is the interactive service available with the system that allows users to network, create teams, play games together and purchase various items from its marketplace. When you first sign up for the service, you select a membership plan and a method of payment.When the service debuted, it lacked much of the functionality that later titles included, but Xbox Live grew and evolved on the Xbox and many aspects of the service were included with the Xbox 360 console out of the box, rather than through a later update.Microsoft's 5000th patent was Live-related and gave Xbox 360 users access to watch other gamers compete against each other over Xbox Live.Microsoft has announced plans to extend Live to other platforms such as handhelds and mobile phones as part of the Live Anywhere initiative.

The Xbox Live service is available as both a free and subscription-based service, known as Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold, respectively, with most features such as online gaming restricted to the Gold service.The games will automatically begin downloading upon purchase, so they're ready for play whenever you get back to your system, Microsoft says.

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