Updating kernel ps3

04-Nov-2016 09:21

updating kernel ps3-77

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I've added a hypervisor level 1 call to shutdown the machine.

It's used to prove that each cpu is running on its own code path.

You can use the Play Station3 video RAM as a regular RAM, which I approve! Follow the instructions that will be shown on a New Tab!

This tutorial is to get you running on your feet by showing you the absolute bare minimum necessary to run your own assembly code on the ps3.

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A: Uncomment the branch to the shutdown function in the secondary hold to verify that a thread is running at that location. Then Recomment the branch instruction, and Repeat for the master thread.

If after an update the string changes to 2.6.32-42-generic, you will need to reinstall this driver. The camera can deliver 320x240 pixel images at 125 frames per second, eliminating motion blur.