Updating game and ad information

25-Sep-2016 08:04

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At the same time a user account is created, rich profile information for the user such as phone numbers, organizational information, address and IM can be set.

For details on profile fields, see Setting User Profile Details at Create or Update. Note that the password is in single quotes to prevent the shell from acting on the special characters. firstname, lastname and password arguments are optional and should be single quoted if they contain spaces or special characters like $ or ! Username is optional and will rename the user's account name (and thus their email address).

The optional parameter "admin on" makes the user a Google Apps Super Admin (admin off is the default).

The optional parameters sha, md5 and crypt indicate that the password is a hash of the given type.

By default, if neither sha, crypt or md5 are specified, GAM will do a sha hash of the provided password and send the hash instead of the plain text password for an additional layer of security.

This user will not be searchable in the Contacts Directory and will not autocomplete for other users composing emails unless they already have the user in their personal contacts (gal on is the default).The im attribute allows you to set instant messaging addresses for the user.This example will set multiple organizations, addresses, relations, managers and phones for the user. If the schema field is multivalued, you must specify multivalued.external ID allows you to specify other identification attributes or numbers for the user.

Note that these are visible within the directory so private information like social security numbers or unique org identifiers should not be used.The optional parameter nohash disables GAM's automatic hashing of the password (password is still sent over encrypted HTTPS) so that Google can evaluate the length and strength of the password.

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