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30-Aug-2016 22:29

Use the DD-WRT as a wireless bridge to create wired connections in a different part of a home or office without running cable or to create wired ports for a 3G/4G Mi Fi device.For a more extensive breakdown, read our post on Wireless Repeaters and Bridges.The E1200 is stylish, 30% thinner and lighter than its older brother the E1000 and ready to be the bedrock of your wireless network for years to come.The E1200 is an excellent choice for those needing a Wi-Fi upgrade to accommodate all your new Wireless-N capable devices like i Pads, i Phones, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy III and want the simplest/quickest router upgrade possible.If you are unsure which router model you have, see this guide on identifying which Linksys router you have. On the page, select System and then Backup / Flash Firmware.Step 2: Click on Choose File and select the firmware file. Note: If you want to keep your current router configurations after upgrading, check the box next to Keep settings.After the upgrade is complete, you will need to sign in again.Enter the username and password found on your printed instructions sheet or the bottom of your router and click Login.

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I have been working now for several weeks on my home virtual lab.Well, you’ve stumbled on an elegant solution, the economy priced Linksys Cisco E1200 DD-WRT Flash Router unleashed with a pre-installed DD-WRT firmware upgrade to exploit the router’s full potential.