Updating bsd 7

11-Nov-2016 23:39

Our customers depend on the proven security of Free BSD to keep their sites operational and their data secure.

As an open-source system, Free BSD is easy to update with new protections when security threats arise.

– Kevin Martin, CEO, pair Networks Netgate is a proud Silver Sponsor of the Free BSD project.

Without the Free BSD community and the contributions of its members and benefactors, the pf Sense project would not continue to thrive as it does today.

We expect the market for this license freedom and flexibility to grow tremendously in the coming years and we intend to help drive and support it. – Sean Snyder, President & COO, Xinuos Scale Engine’s small team of developers and systems administrators manage more than 100 servers in 38 data centers spread across 11 countries.

Though the majority of our team has roots in Linux, Free BSD was selected for its lean footprint, extensive ports tree, and carrier grade applications supported on this incredibly stable operating system.Netgate is committed to giving back its bug fixes and enhancements and continuing its financial assistance of the Free BSD project.We encourage anyone so-inclined to donate to the Free BSD Foundation as well.If it is not set, your system will be broken because the required libraries are removed.

If necessary, please add FEATURES="preserve-libs" to your FEATURES="assume-digests binpkg-logs chflags config-protect-if-modified distlocks ebuild-locks fixlafiles merge-sync news parallel-fetch preserve-libs protect-owned sfperms strict unknown-features-warn unmerge-logs unmerge-orphans userfetch" !!! configuration, you should revert back to the previous configuration. Allowed actions are limited to --help, --info, --search, --sync, and !!! 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0: PATH="/usr/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/gcc-bin/4.8.4" 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0: ROOTPATH="/usr/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/gcc-bin/4.8.4" 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0: MANPATH="/usr/share/gcc-data/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/4.8.4/man" 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0: INFOPATH="/usr/share/gcc-data/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/4.8.4/info" 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0: LDPATH="/usr/lib/gcc/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/4.8.4 04gcc-i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0:/usr/lib/gcc/i686-gentoo-freebsd9.0/4.5.3" If one of the packages fails to compile you can issue 'emerge --resume --skipfirst' to continue emerging the remaining packages. – Phillip Koblence, VP Operations, NYI Since opening its doors in 1995, pair Networks has been relying on Free BSD as an essential tool for providing world-class web hosting.

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