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Every year several law students spend their summer at DMRS gaining hands on experience in immigration law.Legal interns must have completed at least one year of law school to participate in this program.However, the rotation mechanism does not require Kuru Toga lead and keeps any other lead sharp as well.As someone who has a degree in Industrial Design, I just love highly technical pencils.*Pre-law and paralegal students are welcome to serve throughout the school year as volunteers.Tasks may include legal research, writing, and administrative tasks.I plan to buy several more, as I am too afraid that Uni will either stop making this particular model (aluminum is expensive!

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The grip area is really well made, out of high quality and precisely machined aluminum, with very precise tolerances; the genuine attention to quality shines!I hope this internal engine is made of wear-proof plastic (such as Polyamide-imides - check it out on Wikipedia), and has been rated to write for a long time, as I sometimes wonder what will happen if the internal clutch's ratchet teeth become dull.