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As far as we can tell, there is no way for sites to selectively programmatically remove content from the archive and so this is the only way for us to protect writers.If they open up an API where we can remove content from the archive when authors remove it from Quora, but leave the rest of the content archived, we would be happy to opt back in.I've seen it happen, and it breaks my heart every time.Quora also disallows the ia_archiver agent. is their explanation (in the file)"We opt out of the wayback machine because inclusion would allow people to discover the identity of authors who had written sensitive answers publicly and later had made them anonymous, and because it would prevent authors from being able to remove their content from the internet if they change their mind about publishing it.When you activate Speak Screen, you now have a ghost-like menu that is reminiscent of Assistive Touch.With this menu you have options to adjust the speaking rate – with the turtle icon indicates slower, while the rabbit icon means faster, have the ability to rewind, fast-foward, pause it or totally close the listening by pressing the X in the upper right hand corner.Also turn on Speak Screen, as that will easily allow you to hear the content of the entire screen by swiping down with two fingers.Here you also have the option to adjust the speaking rate, how fast or how slow it is reading out loud.

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Ok, the purpose of this license is simple and you just DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO.The content can be read even outside of what it is you were listening to.For example, with Safari you are able to do this method while using the Reader function, or without using the Reader function.Speak Screen works great in any of the book reading apps – like i Books, Kindle and Nook.

It will automatically turn the pages of the books and keep reading it to you.

What I mean by everything is, the HTML coding on the screen that makes links like “main menu,” “search,” “subscribe,” “login,” “style,” speakable all before getting to the article.