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Supplemental feeding is alright to do pending you do it right.

But even if you do it right it is shown that no matter what you feed or how you feed it deer will only consume 20% to 25% of their diet from the supplemental feed.

365 days per year x 6 pounds = 2,190 pounds of feed per year. However, body size, health and antler size are going to be well under their potential because of the poor average protein content of the native vegetation.

Biologists agree that deer need about 16% protein to express their potential, especially during fawn rearing and antler growth.

The carbohydrates that corn produce do have a place.

But even if you are feeding protein pellets at around 20% protein, you still have to consider predation, disease transmission, legality, aesthetics, the amount consumed by non-target animals and the cost.

It is shown that they will consume approximately 75% to 80% of their diet in food plot crops! The availability of quality summer forage may be the difference between just surviving and being able to expressing their true genetic potential.

It is probably for two reasons, one, because it is more like browsing to them. Think about the high protein milk that mother doe needs during the spring and summer.


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You are still well below the 16% biologists say is necessary.There is no way that you can supply the amount or the quality of food that you can for the cost, then by planting food plots.