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Not a true image, though, instead it is one that she wants the world to see.

A good, stable, caring mother, the epitome of functional, and not at all the woman she really is.

Something that contradicts the forced warmth, the show, that she puts on. I think its safe to say all Clexa shippers want Elyza Lex/Alicia Clark, but we have to be reasonable with her entry. Essentially takes off from FTWD's first episode but: Jack is a thing that doesn't happen, Alicia dubs her mysterious chatterbox 'Rambo', Nick and Alicia are good little mutually supportive ducklings, Ofelia has more than one line, and Alicia's thirst probably won't capsize the boat.

Unresolved issues and a haunted past come to light as her therapist grapples with a series of questions. Do we honestly think she'll just meet Alicia out of the clear blue sky and everything will be roses, chocolates and sunshine? On the other hand, her salt might just dry up the food stores.

Maddie embraces her past as a bartender, Luciana trick or treats for the first time, Nick goes shirtless and a blanket fort is built. This is my attempt at introducing Elyza Lex in a way that will be true to the plot (so far) of FTWD. A sanctuary surrounded by thick forest, away from civilization.

Alicia Clark is alone to face the dead with her mother and stepfather. Away from the threats of humanity, or so they think.

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This takes place in The Walking Dead & Teen Wolf universe. Elyza Lex is a true alpha, after helping Scott a old friend with the hunters she goes back home and the apocalypse started.

Session after session, she lets him formulate an image of her.

Last week's episode showed an intimate moment where Darden tries to cheer up Clark with a slow dance in her office The 36-year-old writer reveals what it was like being the teenage daughter of the only black prosecutor in the O. Simpson trial, speaks of the impact the case had on her family, how the black community rose up against her dad and how he received death threats. 'After an intimate moment where Darden tries to cheer up Clark with a slow dance in her office, the scene cuts to the next morning, and we hear a radio DJ ask the audience to call in to vote on whether Clark is a 'b***h' or a 'babe'.'He said no.

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