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It was, in all respects, a lethal experiment, and it would continue to be one until the day an applicant refused the money. She had no reason to know that Homeland agents don’t carry badges. ” Is this what I’ve been reduced to, a guy who kills civilian men and women who didn’t realize they’d become accessories to murder simply by accepting a sum of money they desperately needed? Elaine Peterson was an attractive, thirty-two year old brunette in the first stage of weight gain.

I exited the car and climbed the three pre-formed concrete steps in front of the Peterson trailer, thinking, . A look of concern crossed her face as she slowly opened the door. She wore black sweat pants and an oversized Pittsburgh Steelers t-shirt that probably belonged to her estranged husband, Grady.

The publisher does not have any control over and does not assume any responsibility for author or third-party websites or their content. “The millionaire I represent will donate up to one hundred thousand dollars to any person I deem worthy, with one stipulation.” “What’s that? Then Rob reached over, as though he wanted to stroke the bills. “Nuh uh.” “How many people actually took the money? “I had to learn that lesson the hard way in my own life,” I said. What you’ve done for her and Kathleen speaks volumes.” Patty knew I’d recently given Kathleen a million dollars and put another ten million into a trust for Addie. Peterson…sis…ters.” I paused a minute, trying to place them. ” “Yes, in…Camp…town.” I assumed my best minstrel voice and said, “You mean De Camptown Ladies? “Really…Mis…ter Creed.” “Hey, show some appreciation! In France I’m considered a comedic genius.” “You and…Jerry Lewis…. The Petersons were living in a white double-wide trailer with a brown metal roof.

Visit the author website: Published by: 978-1-935-67003-2 The small house was old and cramped by furniture that seemed even older. “We could never qualify for that type of unsecured credit.” “This wouldn’t be a conventional loan,” said Callie, getting to her favorite part of the story. “And this might sound funny, but Addie’s the one who inspired me to build bridges with Kimberly. We were both silent a moment, waiting to see who would speak first. “Addie has become a special needs child,” Patty said. What she didn’t know is that I’d stolen all that money and more, from a West Coast crime boss named Joe De Meo. “I’ll see you again tomorrow, darling,” Kathleen said to Addie. To that they’d added a screened porch that overlooked about two acres of front yard that was few trees and mostly dirt. None showed, but I used the time to wonder what the hell I was doing.

For previews of upcoming books by John Locke and more information about the author, visit Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. From the moment Callie lifted the lid, Rob had been transfixed. My boss is fed up with the criminal justice system in this country.

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As she struggled to keep from falling, I snatched the gun from her hand and spun around just in time to avoid Elaine’s flying fists. ” “The death benefi t would have been a hundred thousand.” I nodded. Her name’s Anita.”Chapter 10When I look at her I am reminded of all that matters.I don’t know if I had the strength to push in the plunger at that moment, but I didn’t have the angle. Through clenched teeth, I said, “Now, what was that about the two kinds of pain? “And send someone to take my rental car back to Scranton.” “This isn’t Sensory business. On the bright side, the pain seemed to be heading away from the center of my chest. Through all the years of being shot at and bombed and targeted by foreign death squads, and all the years I’d been testing weapons for the Army—it suddenly dawned on me that I’d never considered the possibility of dying. Paused long enough for me to wonder if he might be thinking this could be the perfect time to ambush me. Maybe our paths were destined to cross in the future, and the driver of the Mustang would someday change my life. Several months ago, my ex-wife, Janet, had been engaged to the former wife beater, Ken Chapman. “In the flesh.” “I’ll try to shake off that image,” I said. On this wall hung several professional certificates, including a diploma from the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. With that in mind, I was reticent about jumping right into things. She had on a layered skirt, navy, with a matching jacket she wore opened. “When Erica went missing, there was an investigation. She went back to the bathroom and started drying her hair and I tried to decide what the best thing about her was. In a word, she was spectacular, and I was confident that everyone who met her at Sal’s party that night would instantly fall in love with her.Either way, it’s a moot point, because Amber shook her head violently, and the hypodermic dislodged and skittered across the floor. ” “Okay, well there’s the squeezing kind that feels like you’re squeezing a tube of toothpaste. You’ll have to reimburse the expenses.” “Of course.” Sensory Resources is the division of Homeland Security for which I work. “I’ll cover the costs,” I said, “but let’s get this thing in motion.” “You’re not going to die on me, are you? I’m Darwin’s top guy, I control Callie and Quinn and Lou Kelly and a half-dozen other trained killers. My best insurance against Darwin was my associates. Maybe the driver has a child who will grow up to be the man or woman who eventually kills me. Anyway, you’re not a junior until next semester.” “A technicality,” she said, “seeing as how school starts in ten days.” I sighed. “Please tell me it’s not Charlie Manson.” On the other end of the phone, in Darnell, West Virginia, my daughter giggled. In the course of discouraging Janet from marrying the jerk, I met and fell in love with Ken’s former wife, Kathleen. ” “Still here, kitten.” I wondered how much Janet knew about Kathleen. “Not yet.” “Food poisoning can take up to forty-eight hours to hit,” he said. ” “Six to eight.” “So it could still be that,” I said. ”Chapter 6“You know anything about this kid Charlie Beck? “Unless it comes to killing them.” “Unless that,” I said. ” Sal could change subjects faster than a Congressman. “You better tell your boys not to make fun of them. Crouch, MD, was located in Newark, New Jersey, corner of Summer and Seventh, off Interstate 280. Crouch shared an office condo with a pediatric psychologist named Agnes Battle. Everything felt crisp and modern, save for the antique wooden coat rack in the entryway corner. Her blouse was cream-colored silk, with a round neckline. But just so you know, I get paid either way.” With that, she went quiet and stared back at me. I’ll tell you everything.” “Thought you might.” “I don’t personally know any of the women they drugged,” Ned said. I’m positive they didn’t drug Kimberly.” “Why’s that? A lot of people remembered seeing her at the Grantline. ” “Yes sir.” “But he threatened you.” “Bickham said if they got caught they’d all rat me out. I’d lose everything.” “They drugged a lot of girls, didn’t they? As I watched her working her hair, I thought about how completely comfortable I felt in her presence.A transaction was taking place at the kitchen table, where the three of them sat. “It’s what I call a Rumplestilskin Loan.” Trish’s voice grew sharp. Look, Ms…” “Carpenter.” “…I don’t particularly care for your sense of humor. “She’s been traumatized physically and mentally and she’s going to need a lot of nurturing.” “I understand.” “I hope so, Mr. After witnessing another hour of unparalleled domestic harmony, Patty Feldson gathered Addie, the recipe, and half a pan of brownies. Addie swallowed before speaking, to lubricate her throat. Years ago I’d been a government assassin for the CIA, and the people I killed had been a threat to national security.

A slightly foul odor seeped in from the living room. I look at you guys and I see the vultures circling your marriage.” Trish and Rob exchanged a look that seemed to confirm her words. I’m not sure what this has to do with our loan application.” Callie looked at the chipped coffee cup in front of her from which she’d declined to drink. “Let me put it another way: how much money would it take to remove the stress from your lives, allow you to sleep at night and help you remember that the important thing is not other people and what you owe them, but rather the two of you, and what you mean to each other? “Would a hundred thousand dollars get you through the bad times? Or your personal assessment of our marriage.” “You think I’m playing with you? Creed, because it’s going to put a lot of stress on your relationship with Kathleen. Over the past few months she’d become special to both of us. We had grown accustomed to the procedure, the result of her vocal chords being permanently damaged by the fi re that nearly took her life. ” Addie finally said in her raspy, whisper of a voice. When I retired, I took a short break and then began killing terrorists for Homeland Security.The Peterson sisters had a tempered glass front door that offered a partial view of the living room. “It would save time if I could talk to both of you,” I said. ” Not that Amber and Elaine were the most innocent people in town. “Have a seat.” As she started to sit I bolted past her and raced down the hall.

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