Top 10 intimidating cars

01-Mar-2017 13:44

Thankfully, Hagerty is an expert in classic cars and has come out with its list of best classic cars to buy for 2017.

The insurance provider has picked fun cars that are poised to increase in value.

Next, the driver pulls the chute and the crew then feverishly ­prepares for the next run.

Between the uncertainty of what would make a good investment, fluctuations in pricing, and the inevitable wrenching and frustration, buying a classic car can be very intimidating.

The basic layout is very similar to the 1964 Dodge Hemi 426 V8—16 pushrod-activated valves—but with two spark plugs for each cylinder and a total displacement of 500 cubic inches.

The supercharger, which is just a belt-driven air pump that force-feeds the engine, is so massive that it takes 700 hp to run it.

A hydraulically motivated throw-out bearing operates off a simple timer (computer controls are illegal). If it engages too quickly, the tires will spin, but if it's too lazy, the car won't accelerate as fast as possible.

The discs get so hot that at least two of them are welded together by the run's end.

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