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Over time, other branches around Australia became incorporated including Australian Skeptics (Victorian Branch) Inc, Skeptics (S.A.) Incorporated, Hunter Skeptics Incorporated, Canberra Skeptics and Borderline Skeptics Inc (which caters for skeptics living around the NSW and Victorian border). In 1995 the Australian Skeptics received a sizeable bequest from the estate of Stanley David Whalley.Barry Williams was executive officer from 1995 to 2009, followed by Karen Stollznow (2009) and Tim Mendham from 2009 to the present.In 1989 at a national committee meeting the aims of Australian Skeptics were updated and drafted as follows; As of 2015, every state and territory within Australia has its own regional branch, and some have their own newsletters, with new local skeptics' groups springing up in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Launceston and Darwin.

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For managing to forget their scientific training long enough to sell quackery and snake oil (such as Homoeopathy and ear candles) in places where consumers should expect to get real medical supplies and advice.

The spoon was bent by energies unknown to science and was gold plated by an Atlantean process.

Although awarded annually since 1982, only one copy of the trophy exists, as "anyone wishing to acquire the trophy must remove it from our keeping by paranormal means" and no winner has yet overcome this obstacle.

The map of Australia in the shape of a question mark was adopted as the official logo by the Australian Skeptics in 1996 and is a registered trademark image of the Australian Skeptics Inc.

All Australian skeptical groups have been granted unconditional licence to use the image.This page covers all Australian skeptical groups who are of this mindset.

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