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I remember an Asian girl from Houston asking me once when I was speaking Spanish with some restaurant staff, "Why are you like, speaking Spanish? " Actually, I'm part Hispanic, learned Spanish at school, and yes, I am really white looking thanks to that Irish/Eastern European side.But yeah, genetics never crossed her mind, or the fact that a lot of white people in Texas speak Spanish anyway.Do you dare to tell me the current Miss Universe hailing from Venezuela is all natural, as well as the queens over the last decade, because I have seen Miss Universe 2008 Riyo Mori in person -- a "natural" Japanese woman -- and she looks like an Asian woman with Westernized facial features about to fall over forward from the weight of her chest.I don't want to imply that all the girls in this experience were psychotic sociopaths with axes under their sparkled dresses. They were funny and smart, beautiful, really interesting individuals proud of who they were inside out with hobbies to boot.You would think by now with Playboy and women in bikinis everywhere that men could care less about watching girls in granny panties-sized swimwear prance across a stage to win a contest that's rigged, predetermined a week in advance, a contest the real people don't even get to vote in. Miss America has already been reduced to a retirement community worth of viewers on an ever-changing cable network.

I know you're going to ask, why then, did you enter a pageant yourself?

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In the future, next time there is a vague statement balling into a massive political discussion, let's not take gay rights advocacy from a formerly pink-haired celebrity blogger who became famous for drawing semen on people's photos or hear the opposing side from a bikini-clad pageant girl each seeking their extended 15 minutes of cable news fame.

Yes, she's beautiful and will probably be a leading actress, his blog is a guilty pleasure even I have read every so often, but Harvey Milk would roll over in his grave if he knew the day we finally made gay rights a public matter, it would be between those two people.I entered Miss Texas USA for the same reason high school guys ask girls out to the prom: to put another notch in my belt.

The sad thing is that this ridiculous law has spawned such a waste of time and money.… continue reading »

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That name is used as username in chat rooms and next you will see three options describing your age so click on your age and then select your gender and enter the chat room.… continue reading »

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