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26-Apr-2017 02:08

So let us know what you think of the bootleg videos and feel free to share it with everyone and even put it on bit torrent or rapidshare!

And when you’re ready to have your mind completely blown away by the most revolutionary system when it comes to using your phone to sweep a woman off her feet and seduce her, then get your Text To Sex digital training course now!

That's what learning from a guy who's already figured it all out does for you. so instead of you taking YEARS to get there -- you can get there in weeks.

If you're a MASOCHIST -- someone who LOVES pain -- and you REALLY want to torture yourself, then sure, go ahead and try to learn everything from scratch by YOURSELF.

At the end of the evening, I pulled a Brazilian girl from Club Five the same night -- the first time I've EVER taken a girl out of a bar or a nightclub. When we left the club, we headed to a food joint; after that, Chase and I parted, and I brought the girl back to my house, where we talked for the ENTIRE night. After I started incorporating Chase's advice my results improved FAST!

I subsequently took FOUR of the girls I met during the coaching session on dates where I applied the things Chase had taught me on relating and rewarding. 90% of the girls I went out with ended up IN MY BED by the third time we got together. I'm really not doing anything all that spectacular -- I just eliminated a few bad habits and started applying the same basic structure I learned from Chase for each date.

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The skills required to be good at picking up women often do not overlap with the attributes of a good coach.

I know quite a few self proclaimed "instructors" that are excellent with women THEMSELVES, but just DON'T have the ability to transfer that skill set to their students.

With Chase though, you get the FULL package: a charismatic ladies' man who can also motivate and easily communicate important concepts to his students.

Ok guys, this is going to sound like a sales pitch but seriously, for the minimal price you pay for all that valuable knowledge… ” — Suited CC (Happy Text To Sex and Practical Day Game customer) Take the opportunity to be the first to watch the videos and get a feel of how we run things at ABCs of Attraction, our products, and our bootcamps! We are confident that, after understanding more about us and what we do, you will be certain that we are not like the other companies waiting to swoop in and swindle you out of your money.

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Instead, we are a legitimate, professional company with seven years of experience that truly wants to see you succeed.Chase's advice gives you a SUPER solid foundation to take your game to the next level!

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