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03-Jun-2016 17:24

They will expect everyone else to be totally honest, too.

From a writing point of view they are an asset: they say things that everyone is thinking but no one would dare say out loud.

Someone with no social skills is not necessarily —just unfamiliar with how human beings act around each other.

Consequently, they will tend to be blunt, straightforward, and Brutally Honest.

It's a symptom of certain forms of autism, including Asperger Syndrome; a differently wired mind can make it hard to grasp social cues. Compare Not Good with People, where a character has more of an affinity for non-human lifeforms.

Media is aware of this but tends to exaggerate its prevalence.

If done poorly, either of these versions of intelligence can become an Informed Ability.

Examples of a fetish might be a person who is sexually turned on by feet, or silk, or high heels, or wearing women’s panties. Paraphilia, according to the Kinsey Institute, “means compulsively responding in a sexual way to an unusual or socially acceptable stimulus.” Examples of paraphilia could be BDSM behavior and exhibitionism, although there are means).

People use the word kinky to describe stuff that’s even just a little out of their usual repertoire, like wearing fishnet stockings to bed once.

They may not be in a romantic relationship, but it is emphasized in such a way that if they were, you'd assume it'd look this way.

In the Western world, this was far more common up until the late 1800s, and applied to both men and women, even into adulthood.

The possibility of one or more of the girls involved in a "Class S" relationship being truly invested in the other romantically is usually ignored.