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Thank you for choosing to be a Nurse of the Day at the Capitol.You should receive an email confirming the date you will be serving.You will be introduced in the House and Senate Chambers by your Legislators during the sessions and presented with a personalized certificate of appreciation.You will be provided with the House and Senate Journals for the day which includes legislation to be discussed.It is important that you spend some time in the first aid room; however you also should get out and talk with your legislators, attend committee meetings of interest, promoting legislation ONA is supporting, and watch the legislature in action.It is also beneficial if you review , the ONA website local newspapers and other sources that discuss the status of various bills prior to your day in order to be versed with current issues.Thank you for volunteering for NOD and representing the Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA) and the nursing profession. However, there is a paid emergency medicine staff person who is responsible for seeing that the station is staffed.

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If you do not receive it within 3-5 days of submission, please contact the ONA office: [email protected] call 405-840-3476. Below you will find instructions for being Nurse of the Day.

The instructions include the time to arrive and reporting for duty, parking, your responsibilities as Nurse of the Day, and the opportunities you will have that day.

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