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And the broccoli and tomatoes were just an afterthought — the broccoli itself was just steamed and pretty boring, and the tomatoes were raw, again, because of impatience and wanting to eat.Yet if you throw a little parmesan and garnish around, all of it doesn’t look half bad.Usually, I just dismiss it, since it’s mostly random.But this time, drawn by the groups of four, I decided to investigate.Often centered on the complexities of human nature, Sinfest comics follow Slick; the strip’s main protagonist who claims to be a womanizer and a pimp.Slick always wear shades and has blond spiky hair, said to be based on Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes).As the story progressed, Sinfest shifted to the subject of human nature, centered particularly on sexuality, religion, addiction, and others.The strip also features parodies on political commentary and pop culture.

The steak was dry — a rookie mistake to be sure, but in my defense I haven’t cooked steak in a long time.

Ever since then it’s been a search for another Malbec that could do the same.

3 or 4 bottles later and nothing has come close — the one pictured was no different. It wasn’t bad wine, per say, it just wasn’t anything like our first. I didn’t arrange the fruit, I just cut and washed everything earlier so that we could put it together, together.

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Above was our final dinner for 2009: split-pea soup, tenderloin steak, broccoli, and tomatoes. Yet our dinner banter led us to critique the meal as if we were in a restaurant; and oh was it painful.I printed out a few comics and posted it on my dorm’s cork board.