Silverlight service reference not updating

22-Aug-2016 23:18

To do that, click on empty area on Data file and right click - properties, it will open property window for entire class.You will see serialization mode property and change it to Unidirectional.You won’t find Row Edit Ended that is very useful event but was missing in Silverlight 2.0.Now wire up Beginning Edit and Row Edit Ended event of Silverlight datagrid in Code behind class constructor.Adding WCF Service To add WCF Service, right click on Silverlight web project and click on Add New Item and choose WCF Service template.

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Replace that Do Work() contract with the contract method “Get Members” that we need to get the list of members object and also change the return type void to List.

To do that, click on interface class IData Service name, you will the smart tag poped up so click on “Implement interface IData Service” it will create implementation of “Get Members()” for you.(Easy to do that ah…. Only one thing is left to change for WCF service is that Http Binding in web.config.