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A year before he died, he told me he dreamed of doing all the things that a 51-year-old man dreams about. Then the phone rang, and he said, ‘That’s God calling.

He’s ticked about my dreams.’ But he had many, many vivid dreams.

I’m sure he must have felt deep, deep anguish and physical pain after his accident, but he had an enormous inner personal strength which meant he didn’t show his suffering a lot. And he was clearly enormously supported by his family and his wife, who must have been equally brave. It took three hours just to get Chris washed up and ready to be put in the chair. I was under the impression that she was getting better. When we were growing up, Chris and I would play against each other in hockey. You could just feel the energy from the crowd, it was so emotionally powerful. He was already this famous actor who had done “Superman”, and we didn’t even have agents.

Christopher’s stem cell campaigning was tireless and not just for himself, but for other people who have been struck down or disabled. After he died, she was supposed to sing on “The View,” but she canceled. I met Dana when she was going to Middlebury College in Vermont. By now, I was involved with a charity for the disabled. After his accident, I went to see him in the hospital. Will would be sitting on his lap, and you could just feel how badly Chris wanted to hug him. After Chris died, Dana would bring him to the rink and watch practice. Then she sang at my retirement ceremony at the Garden on Jan. After the fact, I learned that she had changed her chemotherapy schedule to perform at my celebration, which made her commitment to be there all the more powerful. But she broke down all of that by being so talented and fun and supportive. Even after the accident, the two of them still came to the plays I’d do to show their support. Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman — USA WEEKEND Magazine, July 30, 2006 When I met him in 1999, Chris seemed to have lost some hope.

He was one of those rare movie stars who’s activism and very humanity was as, if not more, influential than his wonderful work as an actor.

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When I heard of Chris’ passing, I was devastated, and I still am.He alerted the world to stem cell research and he has taught the ordinary man on the street more about it than they ever knew. Susannah York We had a unique and special relationship since filming ‘Somewhere in Time” in 1980. My brother was playing Mc Murphy, the lead in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” the character Jack Nicholson played in the film. Chris put up his bicycle for an auction we were running, and I bid on it and won it. He’d even get his business friends to bid up the price. We would have some time after to work on some of his skills. Peter Kiernan, board chairman of Reeve’s foundation — USA WEEKEND Magazine, July 30, 2006 Dana and I were non-equity actors in the Williamstown Theatre Festival in the late 1980s. That may surprise people now, because of the relentless optimism that he became known for. I simply told him this: “I can help you.” That’s what he really needed to hear.I think Christopher would want to be remembered for both his acting and his campaigning and quite rightly so. We shared the ups and downs of our lives since then. Dana was playing Nurse Ratched, who, you may know, is a very cold, awful character. I took the bike and sent it back to him with a note saying, “You’re going to walk again, so you’ll be needing this.” Then, the next year, he donated the bike again! It had an immediate, positive effect on his spirit.Margot Kidder No one better demonstrated courage, strength, and dedication to others than Chris accomplished in these past hard years.

The only fitting memorial is to be inspired in our own efforts by this remarkable hero. In a fantasy world, Superman is the best incarnation of our finest qualities.He will always inspire us to do what we can to help others. He taught us that nothing is impossible if you put your passion, mind, and spirit into the possibility. When we lobbied for stem-cell research, I became the student and he became the mentor. When he regained ability to move, it was like Superman walking again. D., who directs the spinal cord injury program at Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute, and physician to Christopher Reeve I met Chris well before his accident.

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