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It is important to recognize that sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking are NEVER THE VICTIM’S FAULT!

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• Call someone you trust, like a friend or a member of your family. Medical care is important, in case you are injured and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. If you decide not to go to the police right away, write down everything you remember about what happened and save it in case you change your mind.As a member of the campus community, you can help prevent sexual violence. Say it’s your fault if he or she hits you and then promises it won’t happen again (but it does)? Fact: Rape and Sexual Violence are crimes of violence and control that stem from a person’s determination to exercise power over another.Don’t engage in any behavior that may be considered sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or dating violence, stalking or any other form of violence. Intervene when and if you see behavior around you that is risky and/or inappropriate. And if you partake, monitor your consumption and that of those around you. Neither provocative dress nor promiscuous behaviors are invitations for unwanted sexual activity.You may be a victim of intimate partner violence if you: • Are frightened by your partner’s temper • Have been hit, kicked or shoved by your partner • Think it is your fault when your partner treats you badly or hurts you.

• Have excessive calls or texts from your partner wanting to know where you are at all times.

Fact: Most sexual assaults and rape are committed by someone the victim knows.