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Finally, participants were asked for their immediate thoughts to a question that was purposefully kept simple, which was intended to reduce cognitive efforts and thus attempts for impression management.

This study was integrated into a larger project aimed to compare CPOs, contact child sex offenders, and offenders with both offence types in areas identified as critical for an assessment of risk.

One of the most prevalent questions in the work with child pornography offenders (CPOs) is the assessment of risk, predominantly their proclivity to cross-over to contact sex offending (Webb, Craissati, & Keen, 2007).

Based on existing CPO typologies (e.g., Carr, 2006; Hartmann, Burgess, & Lanning; 1984; Krone, 2004, 2005; Mc Laughlin, 2000), Merdian, Curtis, Thakker, Wilson, and Boer (2011) developed a conceptual classification model for the assessment of CPOs, pointing to the individual's offence motivation as a distinguishing factor in the assessment process, stating that understanding an offender's motive (or motives) can provide insight into the needs he intends to meet with his behaviour and thus the meaning of CP for the individual.

These themes were analysed with regards to their subthemes, their relationship with each other and to the offending behaviour.

Offender characteristics differed between the thematic groups.

Material/Method: Using a computerised online survey, child pornography offenders (with and without contact sex offences against minors) were questioned anonymously about their motivations to start viewing child pornography material.

Results: Thematic Analysis lead to the development of a topical map that revealed four main themes in their offence motivations: (1) no (direct) explanation provided, (2) initial triggers of their child pornography consumption, (3) emotional reasons, and (4) sexual reasons.

Given the majority of CPOs thus appear to present as low risk, it makes conceptual and economic sense to focus resources on the identification and treatment of this offender subgroup with the highest risk to commit a contact offence.

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