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11-Oct-2016 14:46

And whether you come from Sweden or Japan, the chances are that you feel the same, according to a new study.

Surveys of teenagers’ opinions on their experience with school-based sex and relationship education (SRE) from across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, are almost universally damning.

Exposing kids to information about sex and relationships on a daily basis within their current subjects means that these issues become a part of pupils’ personal and social development, where they gradually learn how to address them in respectful dialogues with their peers, says Roien.

Anecdotal evidence (not published research) suggests that such approaches work well and this is something that other countries could learn from, she says, but there are pitfalls.

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At present schools don't take account of this when organising the delivery of SRE,” says lead author Pandora Pound, from the University of Bristol, UK.“They attempt to teach it in the same way as other subjects, like history or maths, but this fails young people and the school teachers who have to deliver it,” she says.

The researchers found that many schools did not acknowledge that their students may already be sexually active, and that sex education classes do not cover the full range of sexual activity and orientation that pupils would like.“Young people reported that SRE focused too much on heterosexual intercourse.

Unless schools take this on board, SRE content will continue to come across as irrelevant to many young people and out of touch with the reality of their lives,” says Pound.

They brought together the findings from 48 published studies, which met certain criteria for methodology, quality, and relevance.“The striking thing was how consistent young people’s views were despite the wide geographical reach,” says Pound.

I often find that when I go into schools in Denmark, that these pedagogical approaches are often forgotten and the teacher just plays a movie.Students were not only dissatisfied with course content.

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