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09-Jul-2017 07:57

Worse than that: the levers of power were still tight in his pale and cooling fist.

It is true that by the Seventies, the regime was declining and had begun to be seen as outdated.

Almost no Madrid official has condemned the police brutality which the world witnessed last week.

Spanish loyalists have continually praised the police.

Thus, the government’s recent rhetoric has conjured Spain’s bold, fascist past.

One nationalist pensioner threw a cup of hot tea in a journalist’s face.But not for Franco the cyanide capsule in the Berlin bunker.Not for him the summary execution outside the Villa Belmonte.After the demonstration in Barcelona on Sunday, I happened to walk past the city’s main police station.

A unionist crowd had gathered to praise the officers who had so brutally suppressed the Catalan referendum the previous week.

The Germans and Italians learned the hard way that fascism ends in humiliation, but the Spanish strongman was never beaten.

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