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look at this scene in san francisco early this morning. a san francisco police officer and three men raced into action, rescued the driver from the burning car.

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government researchers say more people suffer deadly overdoses from prescription painkillers than heroin and cocaine combined. evnewshoat tagr budid u kn thereoo for u to bud knhe oo they e hir in totami and tassm. unn: rutluickheubn mi repu ican r distisftionck th tfiel widy thout toe t e.puanis sf yoonsay t epuisicanhaveo yogone l om, he e 40topu thean0'sve ne erms , of thr40he entssias fr theield msof mforhble th t i frhe remldd yout th or poie tie iniem 11ou othy inheoi t nsesin 1 mocrs, oin 1 we tes mforble th t cr demoaticield 1bill wclinnent on ore to t w moic ld ecti ll.innton w publan e ti en usia ic ablut tir fid tarn docrare the and arenia a t m efi t ent dsiasrache th d we m migntasnow thi th poine jon:istoesso fmig aw hi ywho inowshe n:f rl re. imit i nullysba to tnk a d o re blic i wi y beo t pridenobam a it wl reire reic i scipnedampaben prbecaeneam w reesidet oba wi hav ipdpa ca scipned fort o idobwiav unrcut theipd rtoepubcan nomie. ies firsofrede, now aund the rtga gia ask g yorsedoow ilnn the out e dot rryit's oyheorut ag. riding your bike instead of taking the car on short trips could have significant benefits.

the cdc says there needs to be changes in the way the drugs are prescribed in order to cut back on mis-use. inhe e the alieedtet ne unanousl withhe ho precutins wh esaidhe the a d ctor accanentlslkillth prutwh id michhel jason th a oreadl docc of tlell sativ chja pn pofo adl dof siv pfo [cers] [cs] sherd: at w thecene tsidthe crthoe as the he: wrdichecamene idown.e fansf th lat cho ahe sinr icmen.

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