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11-Apr-2017 11:52

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In another study cited by Stark, Starbucks customers who agreed to treat their baristas like friendly acquaintances reported more positive experiences than people who were told to prioritize efficiency while they purchased their coffee.

These studies have been taken as a rebuke to city dwellers — and to New Yorkers in particular.

In some states, aggressive forms of catcalling are illegal.

Part of the argument against street harassment centers not on the sexual nature of catcalling, but on the imposition: the assumption that a stranger is willing to be interrupted, to engage with another.

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Another New Yorker chastised herself, in Business Insider: “As a born-and-raised New Yorker, I’m an expert at ignoring people,” wrote Shana Lebowitz, who says this study prompted her to rethink her antisocial ways.

The New York City Stark inhabits is a veritable playground of whimsical butchers, gregarious baristas, and witty taxi drivers.

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