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" [M] "Wellll" [S] "Cause we made Crack' and Cee and Marv and Quest fall to the ground." [M] "I know." [S] "Has K-Shine filled out those immigration forms for us now? You lot should've seen the last two who tried for the title Ha, they were not the best per se [Shuffle T] I know this is like this whole thing that you gotta like respect word great But there was this one bloke, Dialect, he had the most stretched... ] [P] Yo, yo, yo, that didn't float the first time [M] You look like you're wearing someone else's trousers They just give you up a pair You look like you watch the Oxbridge Boat Race with your fist up in the air [P] You pussy hole, red boy, living in despair Because the ring you gave your girl is thinner than your hair [M] Cause your life's shit, you just make up bollocks to add extra color You just cut and paste your background like the Sargeant Pepper cover [P] They can't come around our way, we'll make 'em suffer You won't see these white faces in the hood like the 36 Chambers cover [M] Bow, chest shot, bow, head shot, whoa, poor fucker Leave him Weezy with a red cap like the Carter 4 cover [P] And I'll wait until your bitch is pregnant Catch her breast feeding in bed and let a couple fly And after that you all over the cover like Ready To Die [M] Actor, magician, battle rapper, you do literally anything to get laid [P] Me? [S] Yes, it's one of many things that are almost sort of like P-Solja's powers Other than being twice the height restriction for rides at Alton Towers You got it, he sees the lovely ladies that [?

Don't tell me that Illmaculate and The Saurus are down." [M] "It's not them." [S] "Well who is it? " [M] "Yeah, let's only do gimmick battles from now on. " [M] "It's Matter and P-Solja." [S] "Get the Oreo's out." [Marlo] I mean fucking hell Don't Flop We leave you on your own for five minutes And these are the fucking challengers you sent? [Marlo] He was not an expert mate [Shuffle T] What was his [? I'd do anything to get paid Except suck a dick, fuck a man or let a man fuck me cause I'm dead straight I'll roll up on a Segway, let lead spray The saw won't split his head open cause I'm a head case [M] See they're just Moonlight-ing as rappers, with the Nardwuar swag Anyone picking you winning, either got the wrong card or their in La La Land [P] See we're out to outfox the fox hunters Looking down the barrel while I'm inhaling the sativa I'll let two blow, pussy get his head topped bun like Ebra [M] Now, you're probably gonna say some shit like I shouldn't be using gun bars, and that might be true But don't get mad cause you're not smart enough to figure out what I'm trying to do Now why on Earth can't I chat 'bout how I look with the gat I'm putting work in the trap Two words for you dickhead: Alternative facts Now, here's a real fact for you though, your girl is a Biggie, no Smalls And that's cool I ain't dissing at all cause women are all beautiful, the big and the small But I bet when you fuck her it claps so loud the neighbors thought they had a special kid living next door [P] Now your bitch might be an amazing wife Well if she starts giving it all this she can get bladed twice [M] See he's crazy right so change his life like great advice Knock him down then put some kick into his ribs like Cajun spice P, P, P, remember when I said I got a rhyme book so big that it reads like a manual And what did you say again? ] time for golden showers Then in comes Matter to loyally come by and hold his trousers [M] Do you have a problem with pissing on women? You better do what I tell you [Matter] P, tell him about the time you went to Marlo's yard bro [P] Which one's Marlo cause I been to both their houses but on separate occassions [M] That one [P] This one?

" [S] Yeah, it's got feelings as well, actually mate.

Funny story "This is a bad match like my blood type is B" [M] That's rubbish!

Nah it's false [Shuffle T] I rolled into Leeds, in their office estate It was P-Solja selling them for a couple of K [Marlo] Expensive [Shuffle T] But for that permission to use the N-Bomb, we had something to gain So we went halves on it [M] set up a payment plan [S] A hundred a day [M] And it comes from my wage [S] Went up to a couple of black guys...dropped the punched in the face Huh..someone explain You got something to say? [S] Rated U, family film, like, you know how the rating, I know what you're thinking How do I come up with all those amazing puns I achieve?

Well, 'bout time I told ya, got a punchline machine And it does rhymes for me I press the little button like "One liners please" For example, here we go...

[M] My boy Shuff' is sciency [S] "I'll run up in your house like 'Come dine with me'" [M] What?!

[S] Just go into Settings [M] Uh, "Killing you will be the last thing I do like getting stung by a bee"? [S] That's okay [M] It's alright I'd like it to do a lot better "This battle will be 2-1 like when I flunked my degree"? It's bollocks "Please can you refrain from being unkind to me?

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That was boring the crowd And we, we promised ourselves that we wouldn't resort to it now." [M] "But you don't understand." [S] "C'mon mate. [Marlo] Cause when it comes to this 2 on 2 shit you brought fuck all new to the table Just cause some tired rounds carried you here you've not invented the wheel P pops a growth hormone with every meal And your face looks like how America feels [S] Listen Matter and Lunar P [M] It's not just couple southern thespians you risk at losing to [S] It's your dignity you hate that we're not spitters through and through [M] You're desperate trying to prove yourself like when Finchy threw the shoe [S] Or a colorblind guy trying to fix a Rubix Cube [M] You are not the best doubles in the country [S] There's inconclusive proof [M] You're just the only team around in British 2 on 2's [S] Just trying to hit those Lunar views [M] You must be tripping to the moon But we're here to help you out [S] Don't say we didn't tutor you Now it's a simple formula You just do the set up and then shift it through to you Then [M] You [S] Quickly [M] Move [S] It [M] Through [S] Like [M] The [S] Kids [M] At [S] Scooby [M] Doo [S] When they're [M] Switching [S] Room to [M] Room [S] Cause they're [M] In a [S] Spooky tomb [M] But that chemistry's not something you just stick with super glue [S] And it really fucking helps if you're not shit at 2 on 2's [Marlo] It's Shufflo, sorry we've been away We've been fucking swamped mate, honestly [Shuffle T] What you know about being...fairly busy? [M] With that being said, you two are getting shot today [P] Or I might just roll upon your family holiday Tie 'em up with bondage tape and have bodies on the chopper like a Bond escape [M] See you're just an actor and this is just one of your plays And I can respect that but when filming is done for the day Your whole personality abruptly escapes Cause you ain't got nothing to say if you ain't got someone to play [P] And as for you Marlo, when it comes to the best in your team, you are not the one That's why I'm breaking up the weakest link and robbing son [M] See you two are just speed bumps, but don't think we're slowing down Before we get Shuffle deck we gotta take the joker's out [P] And see we was on the case as soon as I got casing After I let the [? You're an 8 out of 10 But this won't work cause I only urinate out of ten." Now y'all know our slogan Round 2 and it's getting hot in here [Both] Seriously it's too hot can you turn the heating down [Round 3: P-Solja] Now me, you see me yeah? Then I pulled out a brick of raw and told his sister to get that D pressed Then I sawed all the nozzles off his dad's antique guns and give him a real reason to be depressed Hit him with a right, put him in a deep rest I had that D pressed against his daughter's lips But they didn't know if it was my gun or my dick You get me?Only be able to close out the rest of us will how to talk to a girl on a dating site get the questions and meet up for a couple of years.