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I started to lick her thighs and bit on her inner thighs. She smiled back indicating that she was ready to take me in. First slowly and then gradually increasing the pace and the power. She was moaning and groaning as if she was being fucked to death. I held both her hands over her head and left it there and continued to ram her pussy with my long & powerful thrusts. I made her lie in the sofa and placed my lips on hers. I had read a lot of sex stories in my life from my 11th class onwards first of all I want to thank my parents for getting me an internet connection. It’s a true incident that took place in my college life. I called her by phone in the evening and said sorry again. After sometime she stood up and went to the bathroom, which is attached to my room. In my bathroom I dropped all my ‘juice’ of last night’s masturbation and I didn’t washed it. She suddenly came back from the bathroom with a smile in her face and told me whether I am tired of the last nights work. She looked at my face and asked me if I am satisfied. I asked to be excused,as I was planning to watch a movie.She was caressing my hair with her fingers and began to pull my head towards her pussy. I discovered her love hole and started to lick and suckle on it. I pushed my dick slowly into her vagina with a small thrust. She was so short of breath that she started scratching my chest & my back with her nails. My Aunt (my cousin’s wife), named bindhu , 4 years older than me is so good looking with well shaped body . She told me don’t be upset and invited me to her home for dinner. So I refused her call saying that I have had my food in the fridge. I was shocked hearing this and stayed there without saying anything. I was embarrassed at what she'd feel if she found my hard on then it happened, without warning she knelt on the floor, unzipped my zipper, pushed aside my undershorts. Mine wasn't so studly for her, or atleast that was what I eyes were hazy with lust, i guess.I slowly pulled the panty down and out of her feet. I moved away from her and took a good look at her naked body. I gave a long smooch on her vagina and moved my fingers through her bush. It was that much tight as she adjusted her thighs to take it off. I like pussy having hairs coz natural has its on look. This is no fiction,if u can believe it,nor is it my was a wonderful thing that happened to me on that eventful afternoon.I parted her legs and rubbed a finger though the slit. I was touching where only uncle must has ever touched. I was enjoying moving my finger inside her warm and wet pussy. There were small hairs there going inside to her panty. She parted her thighs to have a clear view of her love hole. I asked her to remove her nightee and she removed it with some shyness and then I untied her underskirt and removed it…ohhhhh… She holded my ‘thing’ in her hand and moved it to and fro. With some shyness she tasted the pre cum on its tip. I have then my first sex experience with my aunt…Ohhhhhhhhh… Each time she sucked it, I could feel my ‘thing’ hitting the back of her throat and felt myself getting nearer to the orgasm. She was surprised to see my orgasm within a short period of time. Sucking harder on her nipples they swelled and turned dark brown. I was at my friend's house to pick him up as I planned a sudden visit to the nearby movie buddy wasn't there, and his busty mom was home alone, his sister had been to a oneday tour from her school.This time she was ready for it & began to respond to my thrusts in a rythmical manner with her hips as if she was fucking me back. One day I came back from college and my mother was in kitchen. I came to know from my mother that my bindhu aunty- is there in our home and both aunty and my mother were going to a temple near by our home. Otherwise it would be too late if she went to her home for bath. From her eyes I came to know she was totally perplexed. Then she came to notice the cover of the cd, which I was seeing. She parted her luscious lips and took me in up till the she started sucking me hard, her head bobbing between my wobbly knees. There was a grin on her face with my penis wedged between her sexy lips.She was making very loud noises yes yes yes take me, take me now ... I began to bite onto her lips & nipples while I was ramming her pussy with my rod. When I was changing my dress after closing the door I saw a sari and blouse on my hanger. After some times I found my aunt coming out of my room with sari and ‘that blouse’. It was my first time I was thinking of her like that. She looked at me and bent down her head to a magazine on the table.. She also looked me and said sorry for entering my room without permission. She started slurping hard, then she licked me and held me like a lollipop inside her mouth.After few moments she shifted her attention downwards and told me let me see your tool.

Slowly I inserted my finger in her cunt and started finger fucking her. It appeared it was her first time as soon as I touched her g-spot she moaned loudly. First on my chest, then on my neck and then on my lips. She parted her lips and moved them lovingly over the head of my penis, and I groaned watching her head bob up and down, I noticed a few gray hairs on the crown of her head, and I thought to myself that this was the first time I ever had sex with a older woman-my own aunty! Sucking in more and more,her moans increased and she told ‘more more’. She shook a little and moaned in a very sexy way.’You are killing me’ she cried. I replied ‘what culture in sex, I don’t know, I want it and I moved my view to that tiny hole’. By that time my dick became that much hard as it badly needs a nice fuck. I started riding her like a horse and she was breathing fastily. I told ‘my dream is not fully fulfilled,turn round’.’No I’m afraid,it will pain in ass’She told.’What pain,all pain leads to a pleasure’ and I made her in doggie position and put my dick onto her ass hole. She told ‘Women are like that,being away from husband for long they needs sex but can’t express it fearing the society,they tried to control the best. I used to fuck her jumping her wall at night and entering through backdoor and whenever she or me alone at home. It was my first time I am hugging a lady (in my teen age). But with full of courage I again hugged her and we both lay on the bed facing each other. She then suddenly got hold over my ‘thing’ over my shorts. I felt it was coming and within seconds I dropped my ‘Juice’ in her mouth.. She stood up and went to bathroom to wash and came back. I slowly hugged her and unhooked the bra from back and her breasts got freed from that tight bra…. For the first time in my life I saw a nude woman near me.. I had an another erection within minutes She put it in her mouth and began sucking it. Now she was getting horny then I moved my hand down to her thighs and started touching her cunt. Though I am very new on that job, I explored through the hairy areas and I put my figures slowly in her vagina. Till then I was a virgin, having not even a girlfriend, not to say the least of having a mature women.Her pussy was dripping wet and shining with all the love juices. She was now mad with ecstacy and started to moan louder and louder ... I kept on the assault on her cunt without giving her any let up. Finally she was not able to control herself any longer. I slowed down my thrusts so that she could take in some fresh air & regain her breath. She lived near to our home (about 10 minute walk from our home) and her husband is in US for the last 6 months. Aunty has a job in our nearby town as a tutor in a computer institute. But once after an incident my sisterly love for her changed for a short period of time…. That night I was alone in my home and I masturbate many times thinking of my aunt and watching cds. She pouted her lips and kissed me hard on my penis upon which my dick started throbbing.Her entire body shuddered as she experienced the first orgasm of her life. Then again with one huge thrust I rammed my rod deep into her pussy. She told ‘Earlier you were hungry and tried to grab the food,now food is ready before you and you didn’t want it? She had a two wheeler and usually come to our home on the way from and to the office, which she is working.. I usually come back form my collage straight at about 4.30 PM, went to my room and changes my dress. Suddenly I changed my dress, opened the door and went out of my room. She then came and hold my hands and said “its all right”. She felt it pulsating with her mature palms wrapped around my shaft. My best friend's mom was sucking my cock like a expert cocksucker, or was it she at lifted her chin to look at me.I removed her black bra and started sucking her big tits. We together saw a xxx cd and we both got the mood again to have sex.

I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first , it became hard and erect. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. She holded me tightly and we both lay there for about 15 minutes. I told her to do once more but when she started playing with my ‘thing’, it felt too painful for me. She went to bathroom then, washed it and came back. Then once more we have had our sex but I was so weak then because of last nights ‘work’ and the ‘morning plays’ with my lovely aunt. After that we both had our breakfast and she went her home though it was a holiday..Then suddenly with one big thrust I shot out a truckload of semen into her pussy & even she reached her orgasm at the same time. Then I noticed that someone was in my bathroom, which is attached to my room. From that day onwards I kept a desire in my mind to have sex with her… I had never enough courage of telling to her of sex till the right day came. Once my parents had to go out of station for a marriage of our relative which was a long distance from our home. My ‘thing’ was so erect that I could see it bulging through my jeans. It was too much and I came inside her mature mouth.

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