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In the United States, on November 2, 1920, KDKA Pittsburgh became the first radio station to receive a commercial license from the government.

KDKA engineer Frank Conrad may have been the first to broadcast a radio advertisement on his own experimental station in 1919 when he thanked a Pittsburgh music store on the air for supplying him with phonograph records, although that was for trade, not cash.

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The Radio Advertising Bureau defines an endorsement as: "A commercial in which the…program personality personally recommends an advertiser's product or service, often done live during the program." Produced commercial formats include: straight read with sound effects or background music, dialogue, monologue (where the voice talent portrays a character, as opposed to an announcer), jingles, and combinations of these.

With changes in the radio industry and better production technologies, the mode of commercial presentation has changed, and commercial advertisements can take on a wide range of forms.