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“You can’t treat the warm-up lightly, you have to make an impression,” Maddie Houghton*, a 33-year-old athletic trainer and mother of three says. “Since having kids, I find my orgasms are more intense if I get fingered at the same time as having my vagina licked...

“Your game has to be on point.”Many of the women I talked to stressed the importance of hygiene; no one wants an STI because someone forgot to clip their fingernails. Take cues and direction without your ego getting in the way of an orgasm. But you have to pay attention to what she’s trying to tell you, as every woman gets off in different ways. Or maybe not-so-subtleties: “I think men should think of giving head like eating their last meal. You basically need to be a multi-tasker.”Clearly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

In 2014’s remix to “Or Nah” with Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd croons, “You can ride my face until you're drippin' cum.” This enthusiasm is not unnoticed.

Not only does said scenario present Twister-esque logistics in the sack, but it is a pat demonstration of how men—especially men who make a living As your first chat about the birds and the bees probably didn’t involve cunnilingus, many men did not grow up with access to this specific type of useful information.

But the majority of the time, I honestly treat that time as some form of meditation—like a full body massage. It’s about bestowing pleasure and being in the moment, not auditioning for an AVN award. Just, for the love of God, make sure your fingernails are clean.

Don't do too much, let me relax and enjoy myself.”Are you ready for the tricky part?

My Bed or Yours is like an ever-expanding "little black book" full of hot guys and girls waiting for that late night "booty call".

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Here to just kill time, i may chat, i may cyber or i may role play. Cheers ☺☻☺ Below is funny and can be TRUE: == Results from == 100% Submissive 95% Rope bunny 90% Primal (Prey) 88% M... I'm a female bodybuilder, profile pic is not me but my friends say my body is close to hers, so if you keen on having fun with a female bodybuilder who loves driving strap-on's up her lovers ass.(A few poor souls also mentioned the movie From a woman’s point of a view, some of the best partners are diligent about getting her off before any intercourse takes place.