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06-Jun-2017 14:05

Donald Trump was awarded the title because of the electoral college and 8M Independents voted to tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry. Rural America in all these races voted for the GOP in record numbers again. Stop courting whites that hate women, POC, religious minorities, educated people, cities and immigrants. And therefore I considered, and I confirm it to you, that they did not belong in my campaign headquarters. Of course, Macron didn’t say the English words above, because he is a foreign French, so he was talking shit about Putin to Putin’s face IN THE LANGUAGE OF ROMANCE. But that wasn’t all Macron pushed Putin on, right to his face.[…] [I]t was grave that foreign news outlets, under whatever influence … So let’s set things straight, but Russia Today and Sputnik did not act as news outlets and journalists, but they acted as organs of influence, of propaganda, and of deceptive propaganda. Remember that Putin was a big backer of Macron’s opponent, the racist bigot bad lady Marine Le Pen, who lost to sexxxy Macron by approximately one billion percentage points. He told Putin that France isn’t very happy about the campaign against LGBT people in Chechnya (by “campaign,” we mean cold murdering them), and he held firm to the West’s position on Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, and also the need to eradicate ISIS, two things Putin’s not Which is not to say that Macron was undiplomatic.Do you realize that saying “that’s so gay” is hurtful? video shot […] Read Story » Can you get an STD from a public toilet seat or by sharing cups? editors talk to teens about the myths they’ve heard about STDs.If you mean to say that something is dumb or stupid, then why not just say that? They are going to give you a sneak peek into what it is like to get an HIV test. You might be surprised to hear what some people believe! This video discusses common myths about sex, explains that there’s a lot of misinformation online and suggests how to find out the…No he would not, because he already beat Trump at handshakes, and he did not brag about it.

EVERY @House GOP member of @House Judiciary committee just voted against my legislation requiring Congress be notified ASAP by intel officials if election interference has occurred. #Protect Our Democracy One year ago today, @Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the popular vote.

Students and faculty from Choate Rosemary Hall, a school in Connecticut,… experience some kind of abuse, so it’s important to know the warning signs of an abusive relationship. Read Story » A Wake-Up Call was written by Sex, Etc. Using realistic teen relationship scenarios, this video discusses what makes a healthy relationship and the warning signs of an unhealthy…

Read Story » Lots of LGB youth are bullied because of their sexual orientation. If you or someone you know is being abused, you can visit Love is Respect or call them… About the Creators Youth who are a part of the Community…

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